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Language René Cassin
Language René Cassin
Learning languages
Learning languages
Language René Cassin

French and Arabic language lessons in Tangier/Morocco

French language lessons

Reasons, why you should learn French in Morocco:

  • The costs for having a one-to-one tutor who can totally adjust her lessons to your level of language and needs, are much lower than in France
  • Also the costs for accommodation and living expenses are much lower than in France
  • The quality of the lessons is the same as in France, as the teachers have the required qualification
  • You can have a qualified FLE (Français langue étrangère) teacher to prepare you for exams such as TCF, DELF and DALF
  • In Tangier, there is an official "Institut Français" where you can use the library to lend books. There are further libraries with books and media in French language
  • To learn French under the sun of Tangier is fun! In Morocco, many people speak French and you can put into practice what you have learned
  • During the whole year, there are cultural events in French language, such as theater performances, film presentations, book presentations, talks etc.
  • Morocco is an exciting travel destination!

Our French language teacher Khadija is teaching beginner's and intermediate level of French. She can also focus on conversation. Classes are usually held at her private apartment, where one room is equipped as a teaching room, but also at public places such as on the market, shops, museums etc, where you can apply your French language skills. Sometimes her husband is supporting her with French language classes. Khadija introduces herself in our video about Tangier.

For French language lessons with a focus on Business French, Technical French, and preparation for DALF), we cooperate with a teacher who also teaches at the Institut Français.

All classes are one-to-one tutoring with your personal teacher. Only when 2-3 people book together (who have a similar level of French), small groups can be formed. This makes it possible for the teacher to totally adjust her teaching to your skills and needs.

Classic Arabic lessons

Classic Arabic is the first language of around 240 million people, a further 50 Million persons are using Classic Arabic as their second language. As the language of Islam, Arabic is a global language. We have experienced teachers who can teach writing and speaking of Classic Arabic.  
Darija lessons (Moroccan dialectal Arabic)
The Darija dialect of Arabic is a primarily spoken language with different versions existing in the western north African countries.
Darija will primarily be taught for oral application without going into Arabic script. Therefore, good results for communication can be achieved quickly. Due to numerous role plays, the students' oral skills will improve at every lesson.   
Our Darija teacher Zhor has a lot of experience in teaching. In Morocco she is also known as a translator of books and publications from French to Darija. She introduces herself in our video about Tangier.
All languages are taught as one-to-one private tuition classes (or to small groups who book together and who are of similar level). The teachers can adapt their teaching perfectly to the student, based on the student's level and individual needs.
If you are in Tangier as a World Unite volunteer/intern and you already have accommodation arranged by us, you can take part at the language lessons at the following rates:
Costs for French (with Khadija):
20 hours - 190 € 
40 hours - 360 €
60 hours - 490 €
These rates apply per person in case of 1-3 participants.
Business French/technical French:
15 €/hour
Costs for Darija lessons (with Zhor):
20 hours - 210 € 
40 hours - 390 €
60 hours - 540 €
These rates apply per person in case of 1-3 participants.
Costs for Classic Arabic:
20 hours - 220 € (1 participant); 180 € p.p. (2 participants)
40 hours - 400 € (1 participant); 320 € p.p. (2 participants)
60 hours - 580 € (1 participant); 480 € p.p. (2 participants)

If you travel to Morocco just to learn French, Arabic or Darija, besides the language lessons, you would also book our package including accommodation, transfers and information. This includes: single room (double room if 2 persons book together) at private apartment in the city centre of Tangier without meals; incl. water, electricity, cleaning service every 14 days and wireless internet; return transfers from/to Tangier airport or seaport, comprehensive PDF with information. The rates are: 1 week 1 person 165 €, 2 persons (sharing) 260 €; every additional week 1 person 100 €; 2 persons 150 €.
Instead of a room at a private apartment, we can also book hotel accommodation for you if you prefer. 
It is also possible to book language lessons only (without accommodation or without the combination with trouble-free package or Voluntourism). In this case the rates will be 20% higher than the rates specified above. 

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