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Swahili cuisine, Photo: alpha, flickr
Darajani market Stone Town
Darajani Market Stone Town
Mkokotoni Fish Market
Mkokotoni Fish Market
Halua Street Salesman
Straßenverkäufer Kaffee
Zutaten, Photo: Safari Blue
Chakula Kizuri - Swahili Cooking Class
Zanzibar is known as the „Spice Island“ of the Indian Ocean, hence it is no wonder that the food at Zanzibar consists of an exotic variety of flavours and tastes. Located not far South of the equator, blessed with fruitful land and surrounded by azure blue sea which is rich in fish, in Zanzibar a unique cuisine has developed, reflecting the rich history of the island: For centuries, sailing ships came to Zanzibar with the monsoon and connected Zanzibar with Arabia, India, Persia and the African continent. It does not surprise that Arabian coffee, Indian curries, masala from Goa and exotic vegetables and fruits such as manioc, cashew nuts, avocado, guava and coconuts are common components of the Zanzibar cuisine.

Zanzibar’s famous rice dishes include Biryani, Mseto and Wali - but the unrivalled favourite, which is only cooked on special occasions, is Pilau. Pilau is a rice dish, meticulously flavoured with a variety of spices including cumin, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and raisins.

Zanzibar’s many seafood dishes include octopus (pweza), swordfish (nduaro), kingfish (nguru), lobster and prawns (kamba), tuna (jodari), squid (ngisi), and seashells (chaza, makombe).

We are offering the cooking lessons in cooperation with a women cooperative from Stone Town. Each lesson is 3-4 hours and can be taken just once, or as a multi day option. Participants can choose from a main dish, side order, snack and sweet that they want to learn to cook together with the Zanzibar cooking teacher who is a member of the women cooperative.

If you choose the multi-day option, this might include a visit to the market, agricultural production sites and food tastings.

You can download/view our Chakula Kizuri Flyer.

Info box:

Preis: Single class (3-4 hours) including ingredients 30 € per Person. You can of course consume the food you cook on site or take it away. At additional cost for further ingredients, you can also cook for further persons who are not participating in the cooking lesson.
If you participante 3 or more days in the cooking lesson, the rate is 25 € per participant per session.
This rate only includes the cooking lesson.
Additionally, we can arrange accommodation for you at private homes or hotels.

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