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Network against female genital mutilation

NAFGEM, the "Network Against Female Genital Mutilation" is the leading NGO in Tanzania dealing with the issue of female genital mutilation.

The NGO's aim is to raise awareness against the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) and other forms of violence against women in Tanzania. FGM is also called female genital cutting (FGC) or female circumcision; all terms for describing the complete or partial removal of external female genitals due to cultural and other non-therapeutic reasons. The custom is still practised in many African countries to differing degrees.

In most African cultures FGM is considered an essential ritual for the transition to being a woman, performed either at puberty or before marriage. Although FGM is a deep-rooted tradition in many cultures, it is harmful to the health and well-being of the women and girls who are subjected to it.

NAFGEM was founded by a small group of Tanzanian and German women activists in 1998 and officially registered as an NGO in 1999. NAFGEM organizes awareness-raising campaigns and seminars in villages at the region of Kilimanjaro (such as Moshi, Siha, Hai, Same and Rombo districts) and in the district of Simanjiro in the Manyara region. Since its founding, NAFGEM has grown to over thirty active members in addition to many supporters and advocates in the regions. The main office is located in Moshi Town. 

NAFGEM is committed to eliminate female genital mutilation and other forms of gender-specific violence and sexual abuse of women by fostering and strengthening collaboration and mutual support among affected individuals. NAFGEM cooperates with national and international human and women rights organisations.  

The main activity of NAFGEM is carrying out awareness-raising seminars to influencial community leaders at district and village level, traditional circumcisers, healthcare professionals, obstetricians, teachers, educators, religious leaders and others. The yearly report of NAFGEM, which is published on the internet, gives an excellent insight into the NGO's work:


NAFGEM is only interested in volunteers who are experienced in social work and who have the capacity to professionally analyse needs and do research on their own, and work out strategic plans.  

Further NAFGEM is looking for creative volunteers being able to create educational materials (posters, flyers), illustrations, graphics, layouts and text materials in English.
Please be aware that female genital mutilation is a sensitive issue.

Hence, it will only to a limited extent be possible for foreign volunteers to directly interact about the topic with local communities.  

Comprehensive information about the subject of FGM can be found on the website of NAFGEM:

Info box:

Place: Moshi/Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Duration: minimum 3 weeks*

Special qualification required: Yes 

Costs: free of charge (trouble-free package for € 500 is optional)

Accommodation: Not included

Meals: Not included

Included: Placement in the project; if you opt for the trouble-free package the whole range of services which is part of the trouble-free package is included

Not included: Travel, health insurance, visa, work permit 

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* Volunteering for 1-2 weeks is possible as part of  voluntourism.