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Hanna Massouda:
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Hanna Massouda
Assaida Al Horro:
Assaida Al Horro Chefchaouen
Assaida Al Horro Chefchaouen
Women groups Chefchaouen - Teaching, activities, organizational work...

In Chefchaouen in the Rif mountains we are cooperating with two NGOs that are dealing with women, families, youth and children.

The "Associación feminine Hanna Massouda pour le développement" is a local NGO in Chefchaouen whose members are primarily women. Their aim is to improve the life of women, families, youth and children belonging to poorer classes of society in the region of Chefchaouen. This includes educational offers such as teaching reading and writing, foreign languages, teaching skills for income generation, campaigning about health issues such as HIV, micro credit programs, and spending leisure time together.

Further, the NGO is running a kindergarten in Chefchaouen which is listed separately on our website.

At Hanna Massouda, volunteers are needed that want to help with:

* Teaching French and/or English at an orphanage (min. 1 month)
* Teaching French and/or English to children and youth of poor deprived families. This is also possible for short-time volunteers.
* Arranging and carrying out activities with children and youth that have the goal of sensitizing them about HIV/AIDS, such as group wall paintings, theatre, showing educational videos, group discussions...
* Improving the marketing and distribution of products that the women produce including knitwear and sweets.
* Identifying activities that women in rural areas can do for income generation, and teaching them the skills which are necessary to carry out these activities. This might include collection and drying of herbs and spices, and preserving and drying fruits.
* Carrying out creative workshops at the NGO's centre such as decoration, Western cooking and baking (the women are very interested in this)

Volunteers at Hanna Massouda should be able to communicate in French or Arabic.

The NGO "Assaida Al Horra" is active in the whole North of Morocco. They are advocating women rights, women equality, women empowerment and women support. The modern centres are located at various towns and cities, each having a different focus. Whereas in Tetouan for example, women who became victims of domestic violence are being given accommodation and psychologic and legal advise, the Assaida Al Horra Centre in Chefchaouen, which opened in 2001 is primarily an educational institution.

Youth, both female and male can take part in a 3 year vocational training in the restaurant and hotel business. The centre hosts a modern educational kitchen and dining room. Subjects being taught include cooking, baking, service and management. The centre's educational hostel is welcoming real visitor groups.

The centre also runs an educational upholstery for vocational training. Further, it provides training in the subject areas of contemporary and traditional textile processing, IT and entrepreneurship.

Fruther, the NGO is providing informal education to children who for any reason don't attend public school. This takes place both at the centre in town as in villages of the rural area. One teacher is in charge for each village, teaching all subject areas. There are also extra classes for pupils provided at the centre.

The centre is also offering basic psychological and legal advise to women of the area. In more complex cases, women will however be transferred to the qualified staff of the Assaida Al Horra Centres which are more specialized. The centre in Chefchaouen is carrying out research work about the situaion of the women in the area and is arranging healthcare campaigns for women.

In Chefchaouen, volunteers can assist Assaida Al Horra in:

* General organizational and administrative work at the centre
* Teaching (Volunteers who have skills in any of the above mentioned subject areas). There is particularly a need for volunteers with IT knowledge
* Providing their own ideas which are benefitial to the NGO (proactive individuals)

Volunteers at both NGOs can be females or males.

Info box:

Location: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Duration: Minimum 4 weeks*

Special qualifications needed: no, for some activities yes

Costs: none, the trouble-free package is optional

Accommodation: Not included

Meals: Not included

Included: Placement in the project; if you opt for the trouble-free package the whole range of services which is part of the trouble-free package is included

Not included: Travel to Morocco, health insurance

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*You can also book this activity as a 1-3 weeks  "Voluntourism Hopper".