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Home for Street Children in Tangier

The home for street children "NINGÚN NIÑO SIN TECHO“ (no child without roof) has been opened in 2005 by María Almendros, a Spanish lady, for children living on the streets of Tangier.

Since its inception, more than 40 children could be saved from a life consisting of drugs, crime, poverty and hunger on the streets of Tangier. Some of them continue living at the home, others have grown old enough to live a life on their own under better social conditions and have left the home, others have been reintegrated into their families.

At the moment there are 10 boys aged 8 to 16 staying at the home. Mrs. Almendros is living with them like a mother. As she is only communicating with them in Spanish, all children and youth have learned to speak Spanish.

Further, the home usually has a volunteer educator who is supervising, accompanying and supporting the children and youth on their daily duties. Mrs. Almendros' task is also to raise funds to be able to run the home. She is focusing on donations from the High Society of Málaga that she belonged to herself in the past. However, due to the currently tense financial situation in Spain, funds are not as easily accessible as in the past. For this reason, some of the children recently had to be transferred to a public orphans centre in Rabat, as "NINGÚN NIÑO SIN TECHO“ didn't have sufficient funds to support them.

The following activities are possible for volunteers:

* Doing activities. During the time when the children and youth are not at school and during weekends, you can do activities with them such as sports, games, painting, music, learning languages, teaching values & ethics, or doing any other activity which is benefitial to their development. Further you will assist the educator (see below) with the daily tasks at the home.

For this option, you should either have basic knowledge of Darija (arabic) or Spanish. If you can contribute something that doesn't require a high amount of oral expression, it is however not necessary to know Spanish or Arabic. Mrs. Almendros and the educator can speak French and English and can assist you.

The minum duration is one week.

* Educator. The educator should stay at the home and follow the daily routine. The work starts in the morning with having breakfast with the boys and bringing them to school. Then it will only continue in the afternoon, picking them up from school and bringing them back to the home where the boys will cook and have lunch, followed by cleaning the kitchen. The educator has to draft and supervise a plan who of the boys is in charge of which task.

After this, the educator assists the boys with their homework and does other activities with them. At night, dinner is carried out similarly to lunch, and the educator has to make sure everyone will go to bed.

The educator typically is off one day per week, which is typically on a weekday. He/She should be flexible about his/her time planning. For this volunteer work, it is required to be active and dynamic, to be able to understand the situation of the children and youth, and to manage their behaviour. It will be necessary to define limits and to solve group conflicts. It is further of advantage that the educator has experience or skills in certain leisure activities such as sports.

The children and youth speak Darija (arabic), but most of them can also communicate in Spanish. It is required that the educator can clearly express himself/herself in at least one of these languages. Some of the children and youth further speak French.

The minimum duration of stay for this volunteer activity is 2 months. The educator will stay at the home and meals are provided.

During the summer months of July and August, the centre is closed, as the children and youth are participating at a public summer camp which is similar to the boys scouts.

Info box:

Location: Tangier, Morocco

Duration: see above

Skills required: see above

Costs: none; Trouble-free package optional

Accommodation: Included for the "educator"

Meals: Included for the "educator"

Included: Placement in the project; if you opt for the trouble-free package the whole range of services which is part of the trouble-free package is included

Not included: Travel to Morocco, health insurance

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