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Women pantomime
Women pantomime
Women pantomime
Women pantomime
Women pantomime

Pantomime performances by women's group for tourists

Sambhali Trust supports women in Jodhpur who are mostly casteless and at the very bottom of the Indian social hierarchy. Read more about this here.

In the beginning of 2011 two German volunteer drama teachers came to Jodhpur to carry out a workshop with the 13-40 years old women. None of the women had previous experience in performing arts.

The idea was to use performance as part of empowerment. To stand on a stage and to notice that someone is interested in what they are doing, motivates the women and gives them self-esteem.

Read a comprehensive report about the drama workshop.

The two drama teachers will return to Jodhpur in the beginning of 2012 for a second workshop with the women. Another drama teacher will volunteer in August 2012.

The idea of World Unite! and Sambhali now is to offer these drama performances regularly to tourists in Jodhpur. Jodhpur hosts many historical monuments which are being visited by tourists. The women can perform for tourist groups, for instance at a historical site, at a hotel or during a dinner. In this way, they can generate regular income, the tourists can enjoy an exciting cultural presentation and support a good cause, the tour operator can improve its travel itinerary with a new attraction and show social responsibility. SITA/KUONI, the largest tour operator of India has already shown interest to include the presentation into its itinerary.

Volunteers and partners of the artistic and touristic part have to cooperate in this project. The tasks consist in:

* Developing a performance which can be used for the inclusion into a tourism itinerary. A modern piece of theatre with references to the culture of Rajasthan would certainly make sense for tourists as a target audience. At the moment the women are doing pantomime - due to the language barrier with even many non-native-English-speaking tourists having difficulties with the English language, it is  probably not a bad idea to continue with this approach. However, also practical aspects for operations as regular performance have to be considered, such as concerning duration, location, number of actresses and costs.

* Further, it has to be made sure that enough tourists will want to see the performance, which means there must be advertising, either in the catalogue/materials of SITA/KUONI if an exclusivity agreement can be made with them, or any other kind of marketing.

Info box:

Location: Jodhpur/Setrawa, Rajasthan, India

Duration: minimum 1 month

Previous experience required: Yes

Costs: Trouble-free package is optional

Accommodation: Not included

Meals: Not included

Included: Contact and contact person; when booking our "trouble-free package, all services of the trouble-free package are included.

Not included: Travel, insurance, visa.

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