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Cost overview Bolivia
The rates for World Learner (Language lessons) are given directly at the respective descriptions. It is not required to additionally book the "trouble-free package".

a) Fees for World Unite!
1. Volunteering (with non-for-profit charitable organisations) from 1 month

Placement: free of charge


Trouble-free package for stay up to 90 days: € 300

Trouble-free package for stay 91 days+: € 500

Several participants:

Trouble-free package (<90 days) 2 persons*: € 250 p.p.
Trouble-free package (<90 days) 3 persons*: € 230 p.p.
Trouble-free package (<90 days) 4 persons*: € 200 p.p.

Trouble-free package (>90 days) 2 persons*: € 400 p.p.
Trouble-free package (>90 days) 3 persons*: € 350 p.p.
Trouble-free package (>90 days) 4 persons*: € 300 p.p.

The trouble-free package is a ONE-TIME fee, independent from the duration of stay.

If you want to combine several volunteering options, please contact us to find out the costs. This can be done in a cheaper way than booking two trouble-free packages. Furthermore, there are discounts if you want to combine the trouble-free package with Voluntourism Itinerary, Voluntourism & Internship Hopper or World Learner.

*Condition: The persons have to book & travel together and have to do the same volunteering activity. For larger groups, please contact us.

2. Internships, from 1 month
The sames rates and conditions as above apply.

b) Overview of other costs

We provide you with this information so you can calculate the total costs for your stay in Bolivia. The following costs are to be paid at your destination to the respective people offering their services (e.g. landlord). All costs stated are approximated and we cannot guarantee them. We can give you the exact costs for rent as soon as we know your activity, dates, duration and location of stay. Please check the info boxes below each project description and contact us if you are unsure.

Return travel from central Europe € 1000-1400 (you book your flight yourself, we will give you advice). From the US around 1000-1400 USD. You fly to La Paz (LBP), Cochabamba (CBB) or Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Viru Viru - VVI). Domestic flights in Bolivia are inexpensive (around 30-50 USD between these cities) and we can purchase cheap tickets for you in Bolivia.

Accommodation & meals, selected by us as part of the trouble-free package.

Cochabamba and La Paz: Single room, approx. 150-200 USD per month. Cost for meals (eating out at affordable places or cooking), around 130 USD per month. Alternatively, host family for around 300 USD per month incl. meals.

Note: The rates given for Voluntourism, Voluntourism Hopper and World Learner include accommodation and in many cases meals.

Travel health insurance, around € 30/50 USD per month

No visa fees for most nationalities for stay of up to 3 month per calendar year (if you arrive in October you can stay for 6 months as a consequence); and around 140 USD for US citizens. Further months per year are around 70 €/90 USD per month 

• Possibly costs for vaccinations if they are not covered by your health care insurance

Local transport around 20 €/30 USD per month

Personal expenses

Using the Yahoo! currency converter you can convert € to your domestic currency.