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Yoga, Photo: Kerala Tourism
Kalariyappat-Kampfsport lernen, Photo: Kerala Tourism
Bootsbau in Sansibar
Teepflückerinnen in Indien, Foto: Dennis Sylvester Hurd
Bootsbau in Sansibar
Tee in Kerala, Photo: Leena Bagawde
Bootsbau in Sansibar
Ayurveda Kopfmassage, Photo: Kerala Tourism
Kathakali Theater und Tanz, Photo: Appaiha/Flickr
Steinzeit-Abenteuer in der ostafrikanischen Savanne
Steinzeit-Abenteuer in der ostafrikanischen Savanne

World Learner 

As a "World Learner" you can learn the specific skills and knowledge of your host country, which is often traditional and centuries old - by doing practical activities, courses & seminars, as well as travel itineraries which include practical activities and interesting excursions.
Skills and knowledge such as Ayurveda, coffee cultivation, constructing a traditional "dhow" sailing boat of the Indian Ocean, Asian martial arts, or the secrets of local cuisine can best be acquired in the country where they originate. This is where they are being applied every day and where you will find the real experts. 
You will spend and unforgettable time abroad, learning new skills and abilities, be it for private or professional reasons. And the whole trip doesn't even necessarily have to be more expensive than a similar course in your home country.
We offer the following options. At each project description you can see what is available:  

a. Practical activities

You will spend a shorter or longer time learning something by doing it. This is possible for instance on a tea plantation in India, on a coffee plantation in Tanzania or at an Oriental confectionery in Israel. The typical duration for this is typically between one week and several months.

b. Courses/seminars/events
Either local experts give theoretical and practical private lessons, which is possible for any starting date, and if there are several persons booking together the price per person will go down, or we offer fixed starting dates where a group will be formed at fixed rates per participant.
Examples are cooking, language, Ayurveda or art lessons, seminars in herbal medicine, or our Stone Age Event in the east African savanna. 
c. Educational itineraries including practical activity

These are modules that you can combine to arrange your own travel, and you can of course combine them with any of our other options such as volunteering, voluntourism etc. An example is the one-week tea itinerary in Munnar, India: During three days you will assist plucking tea in a plantation, the other days you will do a visit to the tea museum, a tea factory, the tea company's community centre, and a drive and hike on top of the highest peak of the hilly tea plantation area.
d. At the same time with volunteering or an internship
If it is geographically possible, you can of course also  do a World Learner activity at the same time with volunteering or an internship. Please ask us for possible combinations.
How it works:
Just book it. The rates are given at the descriptions for each activity. If you have specific ideas about duration, intensity etc. of a certain activity, please ask us!
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