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AJISO Office Moshi
Lawyer Mrs. Esther
AJISO Seminar
AJISO Freiwillige Rechtsbeistände
Women's rights, human rights, legal advise

In many African societies, women and children are being denied basic human rights. But also in terms of labour law, family law, criminal law or business law, they are often being discriminated against.

AJISO (Action for Justice in Society) is an NGO which informs underpriviliged women and other disadvantaged minorities about their rights, provides free legal advise and legal representation, and supports them in socioeconomic development.

AJISO is arranging seminars, at which district and regional level politicians, enforcers of the law, religious leaders, medical staff and women's groups are being invited. The topics of these seminars include women's and children's rights, HIV/AIDS, and human rights in general. AJISO further has the aim to train two volunteers, a female and a male, at every village of Kilimanjaro district to become paralegals. 80 paralegals have been trained so far, and their tasks are to provide basic information about legal issues and human rights. These paralegals are the connection between AJISO and local communities, and they are also in contact with local medical staff, police and religious leaders, to report and initiate medical and legal steps, for instance in cases of domestic or sexual violence.

There are lawyers and advocates at the office of AJISO who specialise in various fields of law. They are giving free counselling to underprivileged women and minorities.

To support the socioeconomic development of deprived minorities, AJISO is cooperating with micro-credit programs and training programs of income-generating initiatives.

AJISO's campaigns try to put pressure on influencial women in society, and district and village leaders. There are partnerships with media, research institutions and other organizations. Regularly, AJISO is carrying out research about the level of women integration in society and politics.

Law interns can support the work of AJISO's advocates and lawyers. They usually participate in one or several of the following subject areas:

1. Law and specifically common Law; English/Commonwealth countries law
2. Gender issues and social work
3. Proposal and report writing
4. Media production (posters, flyers), website updates, writing texts, design and translation of the website to other language
5. Fundraising skills
6. IT Skills 

A monthly contribution of 100 USD applies for all foreign interns/volunteers. The trouble-free package already includes 50 USD of the first month.

Info box:

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks

Special qualification required: Yes, first experiences 

Costs: Contribution to project, see above; trouble-free package for € 500 is optional

Accommodation: Not included

Meals: Not included

Included: Placement in the project; if you opt for the trouble-free package the whole range of services which is part of the trouble-free package is included

Not included: Travel, health insurance, visa, work permit

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