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Women activist for ZAWCO

ZAWCO women cooperative has 30 members on the two islands of Unguja and Pemba which form the Zanzibar archipelago. The aim of the women is to assist their comrades in gender to be able to live an active and self-determined life in a healthy environment.
In the past, training programs have been carried out to improve income generation of the women (small business training) and projects have been initiated for rural women that are still running today and that are regularly visited by ZAWCO. These projects include tree and plant nurseries and poultry farming.
Through World Unite!, ZAWCO is looking for an independent and strong volunteer women activist who can emancipate the women and teach them about women's rights and women advocacy, and who can assist them in their personal and collective development. 
Further, ZAWCO is expecting the willingness to assist with fundraising, for instance by filling application forms for funding, and come up with other fundraising options.
It is also possible for foreign volunteers to directly teach women in skills which can help them to produce income, for instance in agriculture.

Info box:

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Duration: Minimum 1 month

Special qualification required: Yes 

Costs: free of charge (trouble-free package for € 500 is optional)

Accommodation: Not included

Meals: Not included

Included: Placement in the project; if you opt for the trouble-free package the whole range of services which is part of the trouble-free package is included

Not included: Travel, health insurance, visa, work permit

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